1. Jennifer Lara - I'm In Love (Disco Tech Rework)

  2. Turn The Music Up (Disco Tech Edit)

  3. Frankie Vallie - Grease (Disco Tech Rework)

  4. War - Galaxy (Disco Tech Rework)

  5. Rufus & Chaka - Stop On By (Disco Tech Edit)

  6. Paul Hardcastle - Don't waste my time (Disco Tech Edit)

  7. Wicked Game (Disco Tech Rework)

  8. J5 - Dancing Machine (Disco Tech Rework)

  9. AWB - Big City Lights (Disco Tech Rework)

  10. Bohannon - Foot Stompin Music (Disco Tech Rework)

  11. Peter Brown - Lead Me On (Disco Tech Rework)

  12. Lost In Music (Disco Tech Rework)

  13. Beam me up (Disco Tech edit)

  14. Sex O' Clock USA - Baby Come On (Disco Tech Edit)

  15. Traks - Long Train Running (Disco Tech Edit)

  16. Shalamar - There It Is (Disco Tech Edit)

  17. Disco Tech - Papa Was Rollin' Stoned

  18. Sam Jam - Dance & Chant (Disco Tech Rework)

  19. Lyn Collins - Take me as I am (Disco Tech Rework)

  20. Oliver Sain - Feel Like Dancin' (Disco Tech Rework)

  21. Bill Withers - You got the stuff (Disco Tech Rework)

  22. JB - Too Funky (Disco Tech Rework)

  23. Loose my head (Disco Tech Rework)

  24. Vast Majority - Take It (Disco Tech Rework)

  25. Barry White - The One (Disco Tech Rework)

  26. Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby (Disco Tech Rework)

  27. Guardian Angel - The Last Funk (Disco Tech rework)

  28. Hard Burn (Disco Tech Rework)

  29. Johnnie Taylor - Stormy (Disco Tech Rework)

  30. AWB - Star In the Ghetto (Disco Tech Rework)

  31. Lowrell - Mellow Mellow (Disco Tech Rework)

  32. Rose Royce - You're A Winner (Disco Tech Rework)

  33. Leon ware - Love Inside (Disco Tech Rework)

  34. Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' (Disco Tech Rework)

  35. Luther Ingram - I Like The Feeling (Disco Tech Rework)

  36. The Chi-Lites - The Devil Is Doing His Work (Disco Tech Rework)

  37. Anita Ward - Cover Me (Disco Tech Rework)

  38. Tom Browne - Funkin' for Jamaica (Disco Tech Rework)

  39. Lou Rawls - Let Me Be Good To You (Disco Tech Rework)

  40. Willie Hutch - Slick (Disco Tech Rework)

  41. 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday (Disco Tech Rework)

  42. I shot the Sheriff (Disco Tech edit)

  43. Slip And Do It (Disco Tech Rework)

  44. Inside & Out (Disco Tech rework)

  45. Baby Come On (Disco Tech Edit)

  46. My Old Piano (Disco Tech Edit)

  47. Love Thang (Disco Tech Dj Edit)

  48. Slow Hangover (Disco Tech edit)

  49. Class Style (I've Got It) (Disco Tech Classic edit)

  50. Beam Me Up (Disco Tech Edit)

  51. The Breaks (Disco Tech Edit)

  52. Let's Straighten It Out (Disco Tech edit)

  53. Rescue me (Disco Tech Rework)

  54. Tryin' To Get Over (Disco Tech Edit)

  55. How Long (Disco Tech edit)

  56. Johnny B Good (Disco Tech edit)

  57. Love Come Down (Disco Tech Edit)

  58. Give Me The Night (Disco Tech Edit)
    Give Me The Night (Disco Tech Edit)

  59. Why Did You Do It (Disco Tech Edit)

  60. Make Me Wanna Love Somebody Else (Disco Tech edit)

  61. Rapper's Delight (DT Got That Break Dj Edit)

  62. Rocksteady (Disco Tech Re-Krivit edit)

  63. Doctor Doctor (Disco Tech rework)
    Doctor Doctor (Disco Tech edit)


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